A Hug For All Reasons

My sister, Alberta Hare, sent this to me several years ago but it was unsigned, so I cant give credit where credit is due. If you know who wrote this wonderful work, please let me know so I can acknowledge him or her.

(Dee in Cleveland informs me that it was written by Kathline Keating – Thank you Dee)

A hug makes you feel good all day.

Hugs aren’t only nice, they’re needed. Hugs can help relieve pain and depression, make the healthy healthier, the happy happier, and the most secure among us even more so. Hugging feels good…overcomes fears,…eases tensions…provides stretching exercises if you are short…provides stooping exercises if you are tall…hugging also does not upset the environment… saves heat…is portable…requires no special equipment…makes happy days happier…makes impossible days possible.
Here are some main types of hugs:

The A-Frame Hug

Standing facing each other, arms wrapped around each others’ shoulders, sides of heads pressed together, bodies not touching below the shoulders. The length of time spend this way usually brief, since this is often a “hello” or “goodbye” hug. The A-Frames hug is most appropriate for situations that require a degree of formality. Because it is relatively non-threatening, it is comfortable for shy or unpracticed huggers. An A-Frame hug is particularly apt for a great aunt you haven’t seen since you were a toddler, your boss’ wife, your former academic adviser.

Back-To-Front Hug

In the back-to-front hug, (also known as the waist-grabber), the hugger approaches the other from the back, folds arms around his or her waist and give a gentle hug. The waist-grabber is the perfect hug to give someone who’s peeling potatoes, scrubbing pans over a kitchen sink or otherwise engaged in some stand-up chore. The feeling behind it is happy and supportive. Even more supportive would be the back-to-front hug followed by the picking up of a dish towel and applying it to the pans. Back-to-front hugs are for housewives, house husbands and other live-ins (Siblings included).

Cheek Hugs

A very tender, gentle hug that often has a spiritual quality. It can be experienced comfortably sitting down, standing up, or even with one hugger sitting and the other standing. Press the sides of your faces together, cheek to cheek. Breathe slowly and deeply. Within a few seconds, you will feel relaxed. The Cheek hug often stirs deep feelings of kindness, especially when participants are close friends. A cheek hug is a tasteful way to greet an elderly friend or relative who is seated; say a wordless,”I’m sorry,” about a friend’s disappointment, share a friend’s joy at a happy occasion.

Heart-Centered Hug

Many consider this the highest form of hugging. It begins with direct eye contact as the two huggers stand facing each other, then wrap their arms around each other’s shoulders or back. Heads are together and there is full body contact. The hug is firm, yet gentle, as huggers focus on the compassion that is flowing from one heart to the other. The Heart-centered hug is full and lingering, caring and tender. It acknowledges that place at the center of each of us where pure, unconditional love may be found.

Author unknown

I’d like to add my usher hug, also know as the “He’s My Brother” hug. This is the side-by-side hug. Arm around each other’s shoulders, sometimes shaking hands. This hug is great in crowded places, in front of prudish women, and at business meetings with out of town clients. It is non-intrusive and still conveys a closeness that enjoyed by both.

4 thoughts on “A Hug For All Reasons”

  1. Thank you very much. It’s been over twenty years since I was given this article and nobody know from wnece it came. – Paul

  2. I have this handout that I was given over 20 years ago too. Mine has bears doing each hug on it. I just pulled it out this morning and thought I’d look it up and see if I could find those bears because I have wanted to make a replica of it for years… I use it in jail ministry and just give it to people as the Lord leads… But the bears really make it special…. ~Regina

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