A Year on the Blog

October 17. 2007 I posted my first blog. It is hard to beleive that I have been writing for a year now. Over the last year I have posted a lot more than I thought I would and at the same time,I want to post so much more.

Of all the postings the single greatest hit was “Why The Great Commission”. The most visited article after that was “Lazarus, The Rich Man and the Bosom of Abraham (Part Two)” I still haven’t figured out why part one was seldom read.

I got an “Award” from Archshrk for getting kicked out of my church for creating the Web Site.

I’ve been visited by every continent except Antarctica. I’ve had readers from Iraq, Iran, Zambia, Kiev, Israel, China, and twenty other countries not including the good old US of A, Canada and my favorite, Australia. I even got a hit from the South Atlantic (from a ship, I think). There where several hits from the Indian Ocean countries as well.

It has been a lot of fun, hard work and a very large quantity of prayerful study. My charming and very stubborn wife Colleen has “proofed” most of my rantings, ah, writings, and has let very few mistakes get through. Colleen has been my Spiritual Watchdog, if you can pardon the expression, (I’m not letting her read this though). She has had to put up with a lot of grieve because of me and I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all she has done. I also want to thank my son Luke for staring up the web page in an answer to my prayer of how to get the message of the Wholeness of Christ out.

Sometimes I feel like I am a small voice crying out in the wilderness and other times I just think I mouthing off. But because I get about ten hits a day, I think I must be doing something right. When the Pastor of the church that asked me to quit told me that I was wrong in doing what I am doing, I realized that through the Web, I reached more people than were in his little church and would most likely reach more people in my life time than he would. That put a burden on me to check the source of my writing and to go to the Lord in prayer befor posting anything, I hope that I still am doing his will as I write.

I also realize that I am already “old” (65) and won’t be able to keep this up for to many years to come. I would hope that someday I can turn the site over to someone else to continue the work, someone who understands the Unity of Spirit that Christ has for each of us. The Spirit to work with and not against each other.

This is a great day, thank you for reading and I pray for the unity of God in all of us.

Paul Shiras, in the desert.

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