The name of my site, Wholy 4 Christ is a combination of a play on words and the fact that I can’t spell. It is as simple as that. What I sort of want to convey is that: To be holy in Christ, you first must be wholly for Christ.

The four ways I know God are the ways I have striven to become holy and Wholly for Christ.

1. RESPOND WITH REASON AND TO THE REASON OF GOD. I first know God because of the reasoning power he endowed me with. God created us to reason and through that reason we can know of God.

2. ENDEAVOR TO EXPERIENCE GOD. My journey to know God was completed when I finally experienced God’s Love and His Mercy. God wants us to experience Him first hand.

3. SEEK HIS SALVATION THROUGH SCRIPTURES. All mankind seeks God, but it is through scriptures that we learn of Him and of His plan for us. It is through scriptures that we know of God’s purpose for man. And….

4. TREAD IN THE TRADITIONS OF CHRISTIAN LIVING. We learn from the way others before us have lived, loved and served the very God we seek. Each generation adds their Godly experience, love and service to our understanding and growth, so cherish them.

So there you have it. that is why the web site is called Wholy4Christ. Bless you all and R.E.S.T. in His Name.

This site is for those who believe in living wholly for Christ and are NOT locked in criteria of dogma set down by others. While being involved in the structure of common belief as accepted by believers, they are open to hear and even share Christian understandings expressed by other churches.

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