After One and a Half Years, Violence Against Christians Continues in India

The violence began in Aug of 2008 after the murder of a radical Hindu Swami and the Indian government has done little to stem the tragic attacks against Christians even after many promises. Gospel for Asia, an Indian Home Church organization, has been stopped from showing Christian films and Catholic as well as Evangelical Churches are still attacked by mobs of Hindus. Victims of these attacks are arrested while those who cause the attacks remain free to attack again.

Open Doors, Mission News Network and International Christian Concerns each report on these assaults against Christ. yet in each case the Faithful grow in numbers and in the Grace of God. Pray this Christmas for the release from the onslaught of aggression toward those who seek to share the Good News of God’s Salvation in India.

While I am addressing India, do not forget that Christians in Egypt, Iraq and Pakistan are also under oppression and they need your prayers as well. Here in the West, we have no idea of how hard it is to Love the Lord of our Salvation in all of Asia and most of Africa. Yet in these places, the devote Christians may have never seen teh whole of the Bible. Their faith is based only on the few verses that they have heard and the miracle of Grace that only comes by the Holy Spirit. When we get to heaven they will have the highest place of honor because they believe with little knowledge and a lot of heart.

God’s Grace be with them and with you all. Pray unceasingly for the peace of God in the whole of the Earth.

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