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Christianity and Boundries


I find it strange that those who take the Bible literally, find it so hard to accept those who are “different” from themselves. In the Prophets we are told to be kind to the strangers living in our mists, Jesus told us to love one another as He loves us, Paul speaks of being one body under Christ. This to me implies that we are a people with out borders, without conflicts and most assuredly, without boundaries or limitations in the capacity of Brotherly love.

I was reading Malachi 3:5; “Then I will draw near to you for judgement. I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, the adulterers, against those who swear falsely,against those who oppress the hired worker in his wages,the widow and the fatherless,against those who thrust aside the sojourner, and do not fear Me, says the LORD [Yahweh] of Hosts.”

To me this is a clear mandate for us to treat everyone with fairness and brotherly love. There is no limitations to the ability to love the homeless,the immigrant, the children fleeing from violence and parentlessness. Especially those who are refuges from wars, civil wars,and criminal oppression. Yet to many of those who say “I know Jesus” have not expressed any desire to reach out in love support fair wages for migrant workers, for single parents for just about anyone in need. Jesus also said, “as you do for the least of mine,you do for Me.” Yet is is to easy to walk by the very people we should be reaching out to.

There should be NO boundaries in our desire to love,to justly help, to even pray for every one who is suffering from any form of oppression. The LORD goes on to say in Malachi, “Your words have been hard against me….You have said it is vain to serve God….Evildoers not only prosper but they put God to the test and they escape.” And, “Then once more you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked,between one who serves God and the one who does not serve Him.” (Malachi 3:13,15,18)

We cannot just sit back and wait for God to tell us to do Right and to seek Justice. We are to be the forerunners of His grace by reaching out every time,in every way possible to NOT put God to the test. Test instead the spirit that says, “Send the refuges back,cheat the workers, cut the health benefits for the veterans,the elderly, the children.” Test them ans see that they are not of God, for God said Love one another as I have loved you. 1 John 4:9-12 is the cornerstone of the love we should have for everyone. “In this the love of God was made manifest among us,that God sent His only Son into the world, so we might live through Him. In this is love, not that we have loved God but that He has loved us and sent his only Son to be the propitiation [to be rendered atonement] for our sins. Behold,if God so loved us,we ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and His love is perfected in us.”

It goes to say then, in my mind, if you do not love one another, the maybe God doesn’t abide in you. “If anyone says ‘I love God.’ and hates his brother,he is a liar; for he who hates his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. And this commandment we have from Him: whoever loves God must also love his brother.” 1 John 4:20,21 So then who is my brother? Every man woman and child created by God. Who then are the kinsmen of Christ? All who have called upon Him and repented. Does this include immigrants, refugees, single mothers, elderly who are non-believer? Yes! It include all who have not yet know Christ because through us they may be shown Christ. But most importantly, it includes those who are of Christ,because failing to see to them in love is to fail to love God.

Blessed are those who are peacemakers, who see tot he needs of others before themselves, who give unselfishly to the causes that restore others. Blessed are those who show their love of God with works of kindness. Are you to counted among them? So to the Question if there should be boundaries, the answer is absolutely not! Let there be no limit to the love we have for everyone, let no spirit blind or bind you into rejecting love for or from anyone.

International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Churches

Can you set aside some time to pray for those who live among the enemies of God’s Love?

Noverber 14, 2010 is set aside to pray for those who live under the constant fear of those who seek to destroy Christianity. We who liv ein nations that offer the freedom to worship and believe in an Awesome God who redeems by the grace of forgiveness and mercy need to offer up our prayers in thankgiving and give aid to those who are not so fortunate. Pray for their safty and release from torment at the hands of the enemies of Christ.

Let Every Day Be A “National Day of Prayer.”

Today is the National Day of Prayer and as a nation, the U.S.A. is in need of it. As the Military, U.S. courts rule against Christian values and expression, we are quickly turning into a Nation of the godless. Our media, entertainment, music outlets have constantly opposed, ridiculed and openly slandered those who believe in the God of our ancestors.

Little is told of the good of our faithful or the contributions offered by those who turn to God. Science has declared war on the teaching of the Bible. And we are dealing monetarily and becoming dependent on the Enemies of Christ. As our hunger for cheap goods, Arab oil and Free Trade grows, our desire to remain a Christian Nation fades.

Wake up America! Our love of the things of the World turn our hearts away from God. Soon it will become evident that this is NOT a Christian Nation but one that worships the very things of the World that lead us into Spiritual Destruction. Pray for our Nation every day but also pray that we are not trapped into the ways of the flesh and the desires of the comforts of the world. Pray that we awaken our Love of God, renew our Love of Worship and put aside those things that cast us out of the Grace of God.

Pray that as a Nation founded on the principles of Godly Equality and Fairness, we return to the very codes that made us the pioneer if peaceful existence and shared fellowship. Pray for our churches, schools and businesses that are live under the guidance of the God’s laws and Golden Rule.

And God Bless America—We need it!

Islam Loves to Hate Christ!

Islamic thugs kill seven Christians on Coptic Christmas (Jan 6) in Egypt.

Malaysian mob fire-bombs three Christian Churches,

35 of the 50 countries on Open Doors watch list of worst persecutors are Islamic. It is now more than ever we must be vigilant in our Faith because as much as Muslims claim to be a loving belief, its history is one of war, hate and intolerance. Now more than ever, the “radical” teachings are being brought to focus and instead of bringing Islam into the frame of peaceful existence with other faiths, the true nature of Mohammad is portrayed as the vengeance of God against humanity and the destroyer of Christians, Jews and infidels the world over.

Never before have I believed that we are in the days of the “Anti-Christ” but I am forced to believe by the actions of the Islamic radicals and the failure of World Powers to stop them that we will face a war that will end mankind as we know it. Yet in all the turmoil and strife, Christ’s church grows! Even in China, the underground churches grow daily. In India, under the persecution by radical Hindus and now attacks by Muslims, one group claims that new churches increase their numbers of new converts to Christ by as much as 700 a week.

It is the law of Islam that if a Muslim converts to Christ, he is to be killed. Even though the Koran states that Christians, Jews and Islamics believe in the same God, they still plan to rid the world of all religious beliefs other than their own. And when they rid the world of “infidels” then they will make war on each other. In fact, they do that anyway. Sunni against Shi’a, an ancient conflict, continues in Iraq and in many former Soviet nations.

In these days there is no one of the many Islamic cultures to take the lead and bring an end to the hatred because the Law of Islam is based on hate of mankind. Pray for the Christians in the persecuted land each day. Support through Open Doors, ICC or other Christian organizations the pastors and missionaries in Islamic Nations and start watch groups in your local churches to keep the world aware that Islam is not a friend of the Peace of God but a tool of Hate and injustice.

Islam Take Note: Meet a True Martyr, Pervaiz Masih

On October 20, 2009, two suicide bombers tried to enter a Muslim school with the intention of killing as many young men and young women as possible. The fact that this school is in Pakistan’s Capital, Islamabad, is not lost in the story. Islamic Terrorists hatred of education and advancement of the mind is so great they will kill their own children rather than allow them to advance.

One man, a lowly janitor, a Christian man who was glad to have even a part-time job, stood in the way of destruction. 300 young girls were packed into the cafeteria when the suicide bomber tried to enter, dressed as a woman. Pervaiz Masih blocked his way and told him that he was not allowed to enter. The bomber was forced to detonate the bomb early and outside of the building killing only himself and the janitor and three young girls. Had he been able to get inside the room, most of the young students would have been killed.

Pakistan is calling him a hero. Professor Rateh Muhammad Malik, the rector said, “Despite being a Christian , he sacrificed his life to save Muslim girls.” The fact is that as a Christian, he responded as is expected. Jesus tells us that no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for another. Pervaiz Masih gave his life not for just one another but for 300 girls that do not share the same faith as he does. He stood in harms way to protect the very people whose religion calls for the destruction of anyone who does not accept Islam as the only path to God.

His Faith, his God, and his personal resect for humanity caused him to rise up and stand in the gap so that others may have life. In Pakistan there is a movement to protect those who are not Islamic but it is met with fierce opposition. Those who live to hate, want the right to kill any who disagree with their brand of vile intolerance.

But to all who can reason I say; look to Pervaiz Masih to know what it is to be a martyr. Learn from him what it means to die with glory for the True God. See what manner of man it is who knows what love for man and God really means. Turn from the lies and tragedy of hate and hear the message of love, peace and assurance that is offered by the true God. Would your religion ask you to die for 300 Christian children? Would you die to protect a Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh child? My God would! Jesus did!

International Day of Prayer and Fort Hood Killings

This Sunday is the International Day of Prayer and the focus is on the Persecuted Church. But a new concern has come up here in America. While it was an Islamic who went on a rampage and killed twelve soldiers and wounded thirty-one others before being brought down, he was an American Officer and it is unclear as to his motives.

This man was educated in America, enlisted in the military and sent to Medical School to learn to be a physiologist. He was trained by the military to help others deal with the stress of war and to cope with the conflicts of human nature that come with the violence of conflict. He was trained to aid service personnel to reenter into society and to be able to function without the constant fear that soldiers live with in war torn areas.

Somewhere down the line, he lost control of his own life and his superiors failed to take head of his personal conflicts with the war in Iraq. We may not ever know if it was because of his Islamic beliefs or some twisted belief about the American presence in Iraq. What ever was the reasons, he caused a tremendous amount of grief and heightened the fear of Islam here in America.

On this day of Prayer, we should lift up those families touched by this tragic event and pray for the families and friends not only of the victims but also for the family of Major Hassan. They also are victims of this event. Many Islamic Inman here in America have already came out condemning this shootings as well as the family of Major Hassan. The preliminary investigations show that there is no terrorist treat and his actions where a result of a single person’s mental state.

While his religion may have played a part in his attack, it is possible it was not the cause of it. I stress this because we do not want to react as a “mob” and condemn irrationally Muslims in America because of a single man’s deranged actions. Unlike the reactions of many in other parts of the world, we tend to think before acting. This is one of those times. Let our reaction be a moral example of Christian Love to those who fear and hate us irrationally.

As we go into prayer this Sunday, pray for healing, safety and the peace of God for all effected by the tragedy. As you pray, separate the needs of the Persecuted Church from Fort Hood. Before you go to church this Sunday, open your Internet to Open Doors and International Christian Concerns and read about the persecutions throughout the world so you have an understanding of the need of prayer and for whom you should lift in prayer. Pray that the Nations of Persecution soften the hearts to the Word of God and those Countries of Concern turn their hearts to the message of religious tolerance and allow the Word of God to be freely shared.

Even if your local church is no participating in the IDP, spend time with God for the needs, safety and care of those who live in constant fear because of their faith in Christ.

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USCIRF list of Persecuted:

The Perpetual Need for Prayer

Many Nations where surprised to find themselves on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom’s “hit list.” While it is expected that China, North Korea, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia are on the top of the list, Vietnam, Pakistan and Nigeria where not expecting to be on the list. Their governments seemed to put an effort in allowing and encouraging religious freedoms.

What went wrong? Well, it wasn’t the governments that practice discrimination officially. The local leaders; religious and secular, that led the persecutions or allowed mob violence and personal vendettas take root. India, Egypt, Turkey and even Israel failed in the efforts to protect minority religions. Being made aware of this, efforts are underway to rectify the problems.

While it is easy to condemn these Nations, it is hard to boycott, reprimand and close ranks against them. China, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and many others are “Trade partners” with America. We are trying to build bridges with Iran, Iran, Venezuela and Cuba. Yet all these Nations still have to deal with the mind set that Christianity is a “Western Intrusion”.

International Christian Concern has put together a prayer calendar that is available by request at and Voice of the Martyrs has a prayer list as does Open Doors. To keep updated on the trials of the Persecuted Church, The Roman Catholic Church also reports on the Christians of all walks in China, Burma and throughout the Sub Continent at and

Each day I read their reports and I also read news on Mission New Network. To see the complete list of nations on the USCIRF list you can go to their web site

I would like to point out that not all persecutions is against just Christians. In Countries such as Uzbekistan, there are only a handful of religions that are given freedom. Russian Orthodox Roman Catholic and the “National Musim” faiths are accepted, evengelicals, Baptist and Luthern are not. All other Muslims are rejected as well as all Eastern Religions.

What is needed is prayer for the people who having become refugees are being told that they have to return to their homelands even though they are under the threat of death. The U.S.A. and its allies must put these people first. They need our protection over all others. While we face the debate on new immigration laws, those people who come to America for religious freedom are the only ones to be given priority. Those seeking economic betterment can say what they will, but they need to wait in line. It should be understood by the government, that the life of every man, woman and child is the most important reason for entry. Those who enter the country from Mexico can wait a while longer, and use the proper channels.

And as a Free people, we need to step up and tell our leaders that the persecuted Christians should not be delayed in being allowed entry. And we need to let them know that we do not want to buy products made by enslaved people, or from nations that fail to allow its people to worship God as they choose. If China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other nations do not step up in protecting all their people then we should stop all trade with them. We should not aid and condone prosecutions by dealing with them. All Nations on the USCIRF list should be put on alert; No Religious Freedom, No Trade.

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Answered Prayer and Requests for More

Our dear friend Vonnie is recovering from her brain surgery and soon will be in rehab (Physical therapy). We thought my daughter, Sheryl, had found employment but it turns out that it was a scam with empty promises. She still needs prayer. Her appeal hearing for unemployment may turn to her favor, (she was denied benifits earlier) and we hold fast to the reversal of prior rulings. she has been without income for five months and every door to new employment has been a bust. The job we thought was a sure thing turned out to be a false hope. The promised position was just a gimmick to hire suckers to due hard work with no guaranteed pay.

Cure International asks for prayer in their efforts to provide health services and further training in Afghanistan. They have been the leaders in establishing heath services in Kabul since the establishment of the new government in 2005.

Many Protestant churches are listed as “Terrorist Organizations” in Kyrgyzstan. The Religious Counsel is controlled by government officials and secret service with representation from only the Russian Orthodox Church and the Muslim Board. No other religion or Christian Faith is given any voice and most are not permitted to hold services or open churches. Pray for religious tolerance.

India and Egypt are both on the USCIF “watch list” for tolerance of religious persecution against Christian churches and other minority religions. Pray for the enforcement of laws guaranteeing freedom of religion.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide asks for prayers for the safe release of two christian women, Islamic converts, form Iranian Prison. Their “crime” is nothing more than converting to Christ. Pray also for the the protection of Christian converts throughout all Islamic Nations.

Four Square, Assemblies of God and Vineyard churches have been damaged and the pastors threaten or beaten during the past few months in Sri Lanka by Buddhist extremists according to the National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka. Pray in needed for the protection of Christian Churches in that Nation.

Someone asked me, “How do I pray for these concerns?” I simply answer, imagine if it was your church that was under attack. What would you ask God? If someone you knew was thrown in to prison because they professed Jesus, How would you react? What would your heart cry out to pray to God? So in praying for those under attack, make the prayer personal. Imagine if it was happening to you and you will have no qualms about what to ask God.

“So you see,the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials, even while punishing the wicked right up until the day of Judgement. He is especially hard on those who follow their own evil, lustful desires and who despise authority.” 2 Peter 2:9-10

Preaching the Word in Peril

In these times of struggle in hostile environment, native evangelists are in great danger. As the anniversary of the riots in India approach, the native churches are on guard and protected by the might of the government. Native preachers in Iran, Somalia and Nigeria are beaten, tortured and even killed for their Faith in Christ. Yet it is because of their great success in converting their own people to Christ that has caused this upheaval. Many missionaries have been sent to these countries over the last two hundred years, yet it has been in the last forty years that the Way of Christ has been growing, not with Western Missionaries but with home grown ones.

And know they are becoming victims of thier success. Each week I post of the persecutions of these brave and vibrant souls. And I follow their journeys in bring the Sacred Word of God to people who know nothing of the Love and Mercy of the True God. But why have they been able to bring so many to Christ when the Western Missionaries have failed? There are many reasons but I think the main ones are: 1) They are not strangers with strange ways. When Paul spoke to the Jews; he was a Jew, to the Greeks; he was Greek and in Rome, he was a Roman. The Western Missionaries came with their western ways and never came to understand the people they preached to. 2) They impose Dogma rather that Scripture. The trueness of the Word was lost because they sought to make the people of the land just as they were, locked into denominational conflicts rather than just teaching the Word as it was written. And, 3) They felt that they knew the Lord better than the people they preached to could know Him. They did not trust the native peoples to grasp the “complexities of Faith.”

Much has changed in the last thirty years and as Nations prohibit the import of Foreign Missionaries, the Native spiritual leaders have taken up the Cross and are spreading the Word more effectively than ever before. And they are doing it the right way. They are walking among the people, living with them and sharing the Word without fanfare. They are building schools, opening their homes and tending to the sick and the poor. Established missions now work with each other rather than with contention. In many areas, they share resources and help train new workers regardless of denomiation. The Native Missionary is supported by many churches.

It calls to mind the instructions of Paul to the people of Corinth, “Already you have all you want! Already you have become rich!” (1 Cor 4:8) The richness he speaks of is not gold or fame but the richness of God’s Love and Mercy. he goes on to say that “To the present hour we hunger and thirst, we are poorly dressed and buffeted and homeless, and we labor, working with our hands. When reviled, we bless; when persecuted, we endure; when slandered, we entreat. We become, and still, like the scum of the world, the refuge of all things.” (1 Cor 4:8-13). So much like Paul and those who went with him, these local native missionaries live in squalor and in many cases sleep in ditches along the road. Or they live in the poorest sections of villages and are surrounded by those who live to hate. Yet in these torrid conditions, they spread the word, bring friends and relatives to Christ. Most have only a limited education yet they study the Word of God daily. They live and share what they know and they pray and pray and pray.

The Psalm of David speaks of them, the native missionary, when he writes; “The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks justice. the Law of his God is in his heart; his steps do not slip. The wicked watches for the righteous and seeks to put him to death. The LORD will not abandon him to His Power or let him be condemned when he is brought to trial.” (Psalm 37:30-33) Yet in this world of unrighteousness these brave souls are not given justice, they are not victorious in their trials. And still they persist in spreading the Good News. And still new churches spring forth, in homes, shops and in the street. In India, Malaysia, Iran and Somalia. No longer do the people fear death but they embrace the Life without death, Life Eternal in Christ.

Because the native missionary is the heart of the land, God has guaranteed that. “His divine Power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us to His own Glory and excellence.” (1 John 1:3) As Christ became poor for the sake of all mankind, that they may know Him, these native missionaries remain poor for the sake of those who are nothing. As the word of God spreads across the world in places it has never been before, more and more demand is made upon the few that do the real work of spreading the Gospel. Thousands more are needed and there are so few to teach them.
What must happen is the hearts of the denominational churches must reach out to aid these valiant workers of faith and provide them with the tools to spread the Word.

And we must pray for them each day, every night and every morning because they are succeeding where we have failed in our vain attempts. They teach from the word with all their hearts and with complete confidence in the power of God to protect them from harm. In the Spirit of the Wholeness of Christ, reach out and support these gifted and grace-filled workers of the Cross!

Islamic Terror Still Rages Against Christians

As always, the insanity of Islamic hatred rages against the workers of Christ. Even in America those who convert from Islam are in danger from the rhetoric of Hate. In Ohio a young woman who will be called “Mary”, has fled her home because her parents and Inman wish her dead. she fears that she will be sent back to her homeland where she will be killed for her “apostasy” and is now under protection of the courts in Orlando Florida.

While the violence against Catholics continue in Vietnam, local pastors and priests seek dialogue with State officials. Local officials still abuse Christians and shut down home churches and even threaten registered churches with closures. Permits to repair and build Churches are repeatedly denied.

Al-Qaeda linked terrorist called Al-Shabab, beheaded four Christian workers of a NGO staffed orphanage in Somalia last week in an attempt to get them to renounce Christ and convert to Islam. An other report claims four pastors were beheaded but no confirmation has been made. It is possible that they are referring to the same four men.

I ask for continued prayers for my daughter, Sheryl who has been out of work since February with no prospects in sight. Soon she will be homeless as her resources have been completely depleted. Also pray for my dear friend, Vonnie. Doctors discovered an aneurysm Saturday and she underwent emergency surgery. The last report I received was that she was not doing well and is still in ICU.

Praise God that the Mauritanian Authorities have arrested three men for the murder of Christopher Leggett. Among their charges is aiding terrorists as they are linked to al-Qaeda.

While Christ is the provider of an eternal peace that can not be brought down by the evil of men, we will still live in teh world of contention. In every corner of the Globe, those who fear the perfect Peace of Jesus rise up against us. While Islam is the most dangerous it is not the only ones who strike out. Hindu, Buddhist and secular tyrants also fear the peace of Christ. Pray each and every day for the Grace of God to reach out to those who persecute and torment the Faithful.

“We know that we have come to know Him if we obey His commands. …. Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.” 1 John 2:3,6. And we must be willing to walk to the cross just as He did, for the sins of the world. as these martyrs in the persecuted nations die for Christ, they die for those who do not yet know the Peace and Grace of Christ, Jesus.