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In the Shadow of Your Wings

Be Merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me, for in you my soul takes refuse; in the shadow of your wings I will take refuse, till the storms of destruction pass by.

My soul is in the midst of lions; I lie down amid fiery beasts – the children of man, whose teeth are spears and arrows. whose tongues are sharp swords. –Psalm 57:1,4.

I just received my news letter from International Christian Concern and am constantly reminded that persecution of minority religions are rampant in former Soviet Nations and many Islamic Nations.  That even in those countries we call “Allies”, the constant fear of belonging to a church, theology or even a bible study could cause you to end up in prison or even a victim of mob violence.   The primary target of these radicals are Christians but it is not limited to them.  Other beliefs are also targeted.  Minority Islamic beliefs and Hindu followers of ‘lesser gods” are also targeted but the majority of victims are still those who belong to the evangelical Christian Churches.

As David cried out to the LORD Almighty to be sheltered under his wings, we should say each day this prayer that those who suffer for His sake, be protected and sheltered.  As we face the slings and arrows of contention in our every day lives, we should be aware that there are many who face greater trial, tribulations and turmoil than we can imagine.  As we are to timid to proclaim our faith in a safe environment, teenage girls are raped in Pakistan in an effort to “convert” them to Islam, that women with malaria in Eritrea are being denied medical treatment unless the recant Christ and that those whose hatred of Christians is so great that the burn down clinics ans hospice centers for lepers and t.b. patients in India.

Continue to pray for and support those missions and their support groups.  As long as there will be those who sole purpose is to care for those who need the love of Christ and the aid of a loving heart, there will be those tools of  Hate who will seek to destroy.  They will come in the name of false beliefs and be instruments of The Most Evil One and they will proclaim that they are just and right in their wickedness.

” We must work the ways of Him who sent [Christ]. while it is day; night comes when no one can work.” John 9:4

Call to Pray with Scriptures

This is nothing new, Churches have used Scriptures for centuries as a means to pray. It has fallen away in many churches because it is “not personal” and said without a heartfelt rendering. But for many years I have called upon the Word of God and His Faithfulness to open my heart so that I can say what I need to say. Scripture Prayer is the beginning of understanding, praise and openness in talking with God. I will add Scriptures frequently for your use when you are called to pray and don’t know where to start. Not all scriptures are direct quotes, some will be rephrased to be used as prayer.

Have mercy on me, O God, because of your unfailing Love. Because of your great compassion , blot out the stain of my sins. Psalm 51:1

My house stands firm with God: He has made an everlasting covenant with me,
all is in order, well assured; does He not bring to flower all that saves me, all I desire?
2 Sam. 23:5.

Indeed You (LORD), love the people; all the holy ones are in Your Hands.
They follow in Your steps and accept your instruction
. Deut. 33:3

Let those who are wise understand these thing, let those who are discerning listen carefully; The paths of (You) Lord are true and right, and the righteous people live by walking in them….
Hosea 14:9