Christmas Hope

Now is a very busy time in my house. Not only are we decorating for the celebration of the birth of Our Savior, we are getting ready for the birth of our first grandson. Not only THAT, but I have to proof read EVERYTHING I already wrote because I found that I made some very stupid errors. So all the free time I have will be in making adjustments in my thoughts. I mean, there are places that I left out a word or typed in a extras word that completely changed what was to be written, not mention using words that where the wrong ones (like their instead of there)

This is a time that our focus should be on the wondrous birth of Jesus. So unless God shouts out at me to write, I probably won’t post much at all. I still have to copy four more Wholeness postings ( these I have to be very careful with) and I want to continue with Psalm 119 (that will take a long time) plus I want to post some quotes. But I really want to please God. Every day this next month, I will start with prayer that the world see the True Peace of Salvation, that Jesus is in the Hearts of ALL who proclaim Him and that you, the readers, will grow in His Love and Mercy.

There is one thing I have always hoped for since I came to Christ. That is: May all the churches remember that Christmas Day is a day of Holy Remembrance and perhaps open their doors to those who wish to pray and give thanks in His House.

There is one more thing, give generously to the Christian charity of your choice. If you don’t have one, then think of the Salvation Army, the American Bible Society, or make a gift to the Missions of your Church. Glad tidings and Peace to men of Good Will!

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