Embraced By an Encounter with the Living God: A Testimony

When I first came to God with a very heavy heart and a empty soul, my life was in total despair. I went to a chapel in the mountains in the early morning hours and cried to a God I did not know. This poem I wrote the as the sun came up based on what happened on in the mountain chapel.

Encountering the Living God

I called upon the Lord to lift me up,
For I had sinned against Him.
I called to the Lord to accept me
For I had grieved Him also.
I wept before the Lord again
And cried in anguish
for I was truly a sinful man.

I waited for the Man to come
and He never showed.
I waited for the Dove and
It never was to be seen.
I waited for the Flame to grow
and it was not lit anew.

Where was the Spirit to save me?
Why was I alone?
Where was the one to walk with me,
To take my hand?
Where was the saving grace to
Release me? I couldn’t see.

There! A dark shape appearing
In the sky with a golden glow.
A looming figure with grace and style
An Eagle! An Eagle?
A bird of prey? to me?

Closer it swooped to land before me
It stands as a man.
With eyes of piercing Truth
Its head a golden brown with
A shinning trust about it.
Its wings reaching around me
Shielding me from my fears.

With its eyes it reached into
My soul and I felt; Its Peace,
The strength of the Father,
The Loyalty of the Son,
The truth of the Spirit.
The Eagle of the LORD

I didn’t need the man or the
Dove, nor the Flame.
I needed the Eagle because
I was weak and afraid.
I needed the Eagle because
I was untrusting and disloyal.
I needed the Eagle because
I was alone and at war within.

Now I have the Strength of the Lord
And His Peace!
Now I have the loyalty of the Spirit
Within my soul!
Now I have the Trust in the Father
And am no longer afraid.
Thanks to the Eagle,
The Holy Spirit of the LORD!

Written and experienced Aug 13, 1981, by Paul R. Shiras at Sierra Christian Ashram. The day of my Reconciliation and Salvation. The beginning of my Sanctification and Spiritual journey with God and His Wonderful Word.
In His Everlasting Loving-kindness,
Paul Shiras

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