Extra-demoninational works

While I was with the United Methodist Church, I took part in many outreach programs. Most of these programs where started by the UMC but not limited to their church. This gave me the opportunity to see the work of God through others. While I left that church because I was not pleased with the direction they where going and I needed to expand my faith, I never forgot that it was there that Christ Jesus and I were joined.

I worked with the Salvation Army, Walk to Emmaus, Lay Witness Mission and Kairos Prison Ministries. While there I came to Christ (or He came to me) at United Christian Ashram Camp. I learned how to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit and lost my desire to dominate others by Scripture but learned to serve others instead.

It is hard to imagine how I survived without Jesus in My Life, but God’s grace went with me even before I knew Him. I am a firm believer in that Christ called me to serve and love Him and because of that I was able to accept Him. Here is where Calvin and Wesley are both right. Christ chose me, so I was able to choose Him. My Salvation was justified by Christ, but I still had to (by free will) agree to accept the covenant offered by Christ. If I had not accepted Christ, I would still be lost. Remember this, Adam was chosen yet he still chose not to abide in God and because of that NONE are acceptable to God. That is the reason Christ had to come. F. W. Farrar wrote in his book The Life and Works of St. Paul, “His (Jesus’) mission had been to found a kingdom, not to promulate a theology; He had died not to formulate a system but to redeem a race. His work has been not to construct the Dogma of Creeds, but to purify the Soul of Man, by placing him in the immediate relation with the Father in Heaven.”

In my search for completed purification in Christ, I can understand many things that seem to be conflictive in the nature of scripture. This means that I will still seek Christ in all churches and religious thought because I will still grow in MY WALK with God as I go forward. To deny Christ in others, is to deny Christ in myself. When given the choice to share my faith with others, it does no good to condemn the faith of other walks.

I may find it hard to deal with the errors that seem to have invaded some of the churches today, but God has grace enough to bring correction in His time. No church is wholly right with God, no matter what they might proclaim. Only Christ can bring true righteousness to man. Collective worship is there to guide us, not rule us. But, before you start cleaning out the temples, clean up your own heart. Before you start looking for the specks in the eye of others. are you sure there are no beams in your eye?

Pray for the correction to come in the churches that have condoned sin and justified false living, but also pray that there be no sin in your beliefs. Seek the Wholeness of Christ in your church and in your life.

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