I Have a Fan! And I Want More.

One of the neat things about my Web Administrator is the Stat Counter that came with it. With it I can track who reads my writings, who is just a browser and who is a person of interest. The only fall back is; I don’t know exactly who they are, only from were the browser is. It took me a long time to find that my good friend in Hanover, Germany was the reader whose browser was in Bremmen. A friend in Seattle uses her computer at work to read stuff during her “down time” and her work place uses a browser from California.

But my biggest fan is in the UK. Now this person interests me because I have no known friend in England. The one problem with having a Web Site that is read all over the world, is that very few people actually make comments and some of those who do, I’d rather they didn’t (not to many though). But it would be nice if those who read my ramblings and ideas would write to my comments and tell me what they think, if they agree or not, or if they have something to add. I would really like to know who my English fan is because of his (or her) exhaustive interest in what I write. I appeal to that person; make a comment and let me know who you are and I will write to you directly.

As for the rest of you, some day I may set up a Face-book account and I want as many of you as wish to be a part of it. The people I want to hear from most are those who work in ministry “overseas” or who have family who are in the mission field. I would also like to hear from those who partake in Home Churches, Cell Gatherings and Underground Churches.

God bless you all and may His Mercies abound in all you do.

Thanks to all who have read my writings over the last two years and may you continue to do so.
Paul in the Desert.

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