International Day of Prayer and Fort Hood Killings

This Sunday is the International Day of Prayer and the focus is on the Persecuted Church. But a new concern has come up here in America. While it was an Islamic who went on a rampage and killed twelve soldiers and wounded thirty-one others before being brought down, he was an American Officer and it is unclear as to his motives.

This man was educated in America, enlisted in the military and sent to Medical School to learn to be a physiologist. He was trained by the military to help others deal with the stress of war and to cope with the conflicts of human nature that come with the violence of conflict. He was trained to aid service personnel to reenter into society and to be able to function without the constant fear that soldiers live with in war torn areas.

Somewhere down the line, he lost control of his own life and his superiors failed to take head of his personal conflicts with the war in Iraq. We may not ever know if it was because of his Islamic beliefs or some twisted belief about the American presence in Iraq. What ever was the reasons, he caused a tremendous amount of grief and heightened the fear of Islam here in America.

On this day of Prayer, we should lift up those families touched by this tragic event and pray for the families and friends not only of the victims but also for the family of Major Hassan. They also are victims of this event. Many Islamic Inman here in America have already came out condemning this shootings as well as the family of Major Hassan. The preliminary investigations show that there is no terrorist treat and his actions where a result of a single person’s mental state.

While his religion may have played a part in his attack, it is possible it was not the cause of it. I stress this because we do not want to react as a “mob” and condemn irrationally Muslims in America because of a single man’s deranged actions. Unlike the reactions of many in other parts of the world, we tend to think before acting. This is one of those times. Let our reaction be a moral example of Christian Love to those who fear and hate us irrationally.

As we go into prayer this Sunday, pray for healing, safety and the peace of God for all effected by the tragedy. As you pray, separate the needs of the Persecuted Church from Fort Hood. Before you go to church this Sunday, open your Internet to Open Doors and International Christian Concerns and read about the persecutions throughout the world so you have an understanding of the need of prayer and for whom you should lift in prayer. Pray that the Nations of Persecution soften the hearts to the Word of God and those Countries of Concern turn their hearts to the message of religious tolerance and allow the Word of God to be freely shared.

Even if your local church is no participating in the IDP, spend time with God for the needs, safety and care of those who live in constant fear because of their faith in Christ.

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