Islam Take Note: Meet a True Martyr, Pervaiz Masih

On October 20, 2009, two suicide bombers tried to enter a Muslim school with the intention of killing as many young men and young women as possible. The fact that this school is in Pakistan’s Capital, Islamabad, is not lost in the story. Islamic Terrorists hatred of education and advancement of the mind is so great they will kill their own children rather than allow them to advance.

One man, a lowly janitor, a Christian man who was glad to have even a part-time job, stood in the way of destruction. 300 young girls were packed into the cafeteria when the suicide bomber tried to enter, dressed as a woman. Pervaiz Masih blocked his way and told him that he was not allowed to enter. The bomber was forced to detonate the bomb early and outside of the building killing only himself and the janitor and three young girls. Had he been able to get inside the room, most of the young students would have been killed.

Pakistan is calling him a hero. Professor Rateh Muhammad Malik, the rector said, “Despite being a Christian , he sacrificed his life to save Muslim girls.” The fact is that as a Christian, he responded as is expected. Jesus tells us that no greater love has a man than to lay down his life for another. Pervaiz Masih gave his life not for just one another but for 300 girls that do not share the same faith as he does. He stood in harms way to protect the very people whose religion calls for the destruction of anyone who does not accept Islam as the only path to God.

His Faith, his God, and his personal resect for humanity caused him to rise up and stand in the gap so that others may have life. In Pakistan there is a movement to protect those who are not Islamic but it is met with fierce opposition. Those who live to hate, want the right to kill any who disagree with their brand of vile intolerance.

But to all who can reason I say; look to Pervaiz Masih to know what it is to be a martyr. Learn from him what it means to die with glory for the True God. See what manner of man it is who knows what love for man and God really means. Turn from the lies and tragedy of hate and hear the message of love, peace and assurance that is offered by the true God. Would your religion ask you to die for 300 Christian children? Would you die to protect a Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh child? My God would! Jesus did!

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