Lazareth vs. Lazarus

For months now I have been wondering why one of my three postings on Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) was getting all the hits while the other two were not being viewed at all. So I went back and reviewed them and found that I had misspelled poor Lazarus’ name. The funny thing is that the one with the misspelled name (part II) was the getting all the hits while part I and the conclusion were not viewed at all. It is curious why Part I and the conclusion are seldom read at all. You would think that the readers would like to start at the beginning and read all three parts.

Well, I told you guys that I was dyslexic and could spell very good, but I guess that it didn’t matter much after all. Besides, nobody ever seems to get Lazarus’ name right, do they?

3 thoughts on “Lazareth vs. Lazarus”

  1. Perhaps some people combine Lazarus (last letter is sigma) with Nazareth. However, I hear SO MANY PEOPLE mispronounce Lazarus that I think some prominent teacher must pronounce it wrong, but I haven’t been able to get to the root of it yet.

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