Lent 2014: Wondering in the Wilderness

This is a new type of Lenten Devotion. Taking into account that it is a preparation for the Passover Feast and Resurrection, I want us to all think of Moses and his wandering after fleeing Egypt. and relate how we are “lost” with out Christ. That we are a people with out a home wanting to wander about in our inequities and homelessness. It is a time to reflect on the coming of Our Lord, our experiences with the “burning Bush of God’s Mercy. And the command to lead our people, His People out of the slavery of sin and the wantonness of our failure to serve His Mighty Love.

Lent is a time to “Come back to the beginning.” To stop wandering in the Wilderness, fleeing from our past. It is the time to listen to His instructions and to go back to the beginning and restore ourselves as a People of God. In the coming days, I will write on who we are as a New People, and how we are to respond to the Voice of God in our daily lives. to see the “burning Bush and even in our fear, obey with Love.

Even as Moses was afraid, and hide, made excuses and doubted his abilities, we also hide from God. we make excuses and are slow to act according to His commands. How often have we known what we should do, but fail to act upon it because we are doubting our own ability? Do you not understand, that if God wants you to do something, he will give you the ability to do it? This devotion series will be based on the promise that God has given us the ability to grow, go forward and to fulfill His Promise.

Be at peace, walk with confidence and know that God has chosen each of us to be pure, faithful and true. The lessons provided will show you that we are a chosen people to do good, walk righteously and to honor and serve each other as God has loved us.

Blessings to all, in His Holy Name, Jesus.

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