Lenten Devotion 2014: April 11

“Anyone who says, ‘I love God’, and hates his brother is a liar, since a man who does not love the brother that he can see cannot love God, whom he has never seen. So this is the commandment that He has given us, that anyone who loves God must also love his brother.” 1 John 4: 20,21

Every day I see this battle between people of God. And I wonder, if they trully understand what it means to love God. We are given the commandment, love one another, love your neighbor, love your enemy. But then we still are filled with the desire to fight each other, to maim each others hearts, to even slander them in public. Why is that?

Is ti because we still walk in the wilderness? that we have not taken the hand of Jesus completely? Or is it because we still cling to our human frailty and fleshly faults. Most likely it is simply we are weak, we are alone with our failings and are not yet perfected in love. A n on going journey that is yet to be completed and may not be until the final Judgement.

Prayer for Today: I am weak, I am still struggling with the idea of pure godly love. Help me by Your Spirit to overcome these failings that I may trully Love You and my fellow man as you love us. Amen.

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