Lenten Devotion 2014: April 12

“Who can overcome the world? Only the man who believes that Jesus is the Son of God; Jesus Christ who came by water and blood, not with water only but with water and blood; with the Spirit as another witness – since the Spirit is the truth – so that all three of them may agree. We accept the testimony of human witnesses, but God’s testimony is much greater, and this is God’s testimony, given as evidence for His Son. Everybody who believes in the Son of God has this testimony inside of him; and anyone will not believe God, is making God a liar,because he has not trusted the testimony God has given about His Son.” 1 John 5:5-10

As is my custom, I watch the movie “The Passion of Christ” every year around this time. And the movie is the testimony about Christ as the living sacrifice. We, as believers are to be filled with the Holy Spirit, redeemed by the water and blood of Jesus and reconciled before God as witnesses to the truth, that Jesus is the Son of the Living God. The question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we have the testimony and witness of Christ or are we just going through motions to placate ourselves. Take time this week, Passion Week, to reaffirm your commitment to Christ and to become the witness that you are called to be.

Prayer for Today: From Your entrance into Jerusalem to your death and your triumphant victory over death, we exalt You Jesus, That you should take away our sins and call us Yours. Let our lives be the witness of Your Grace and Mercy. Amen

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