My Running Battle with DSL

For the last six months I have been arguing with my DSL provider, the Computer Work Shop and the billing department about the speed of my service. I have been paying for 3Mb speed and getting .75Mb service. In fact, in the end I bought new computers for my wife and myself and instead of getting the faster speed I requested again and again, the speed dropped to .52Mb. In my latest inquiry, I found that I HAVE NEVER received the service that I have paid for.

The problem has risen to the level that I am ready to complain to the Dreaded Media about the lack of service and satisfaction from my provider. ALMOST but not quite. Just this morning we found out that the problem may simply be that the provider does not talk to itself and the local office never was told that we were being billed for the higher service so they never started it. How dumb is that?

It is not the fact that I NEED the high speed as much as it is the point that I have been paying for something that I never received. It is not that I once asked for the slow speed and later upgraded, I always wanted the higher speed. It is like going to a restaurant and asking for a steak dinner and getting a hamburger patty. Now that we have found the source of our problems, maybe we can get satisfaction (and speed) and we can be compensated for the lousy service we have put up with for the last four years.

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