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It has been two years now that Wholy4Christ has been on the Net and I must state that because of the zeal I have for Christ, it has been a blessing for me to be able to articulate the understanding I have for Christ’s Word. I know that what I have come to believe, and by which I live, has been a burden in my fellowship with some others who walk in Faith. I know that even my own son disagrees with much of what I write about.

The Wholeness of Christ is the basis of my understanding and while you and I may not seem to be in one accord, the truth of the matter is that whenever two or three can gather in Christ, we can work together for God. I have been accused of being a Calvinist, a Wesleyan-Arminius and a Catholic. To these accusations I can say that in some respects I am all three, plus others as well. If my writing seems to stray toward works it is because I respond to Christ’s teaching that works are a part of being a disciple. If I spend a long time writing about persecutions it is because we live in an age of persecutions that are greater than any other time in the history of the Faith. And if I seem to complain that we ignore the teachings of the Old Testament and the Commandment of God to His people, it is because we are spoiled and pampered into believing that we have no responsibility to Love God wholly.

Because of my desire to live wholly, Faithful to the Whole Word of God, I have been challenged to live with love of the law of God and to live with love for all mankind. I am challenged to work for the fulfillment of Christ’s Law to obey the Second Great Commandment equally as I obey the First Great Commandment because if I fail to do both, I fail God. But the greatest joy in what I believe is that even if you don’t agree with me, my walk with God is strong, unwavering and founded in Scripture. The weaknesses of man and the folly of believing in watered-down theologies do not concern me; they live by their choices. If I can help even one other struggling Christian grow in Faith, I have served God well.

And in my struggle to walk in Christ, it is not a burden but a joy. Even though I find conflict with denominational teachings, I am comfortable worshiping with them and hearing what they have to offer. I fellowship with a home group and with a denomination because wherever the Word is taught, I learn. God revealed to me just the other day that as Jesus said the Son of Man has no place to lay His head, I will never be able to “join” membership in another church. I will fellowship, tithe and break bread with many walks and celebrate the union of Believers wherever I am. I will never be asked to speak in someone’s church nor will I be able to participate in activities as a leader of a church. This is my mission, to spread the teaching of the Wholeness of the Word of God to His people and to invite the world to share in the fellowship of each other for His Sake and not for the confines of man’s thinking.

So as I continue with my studies, and as God reveals more and more to me on how I should walk with Him, I will continue to write and to share with the world. All I ask of you is to continue to pray so that we can grow together for His Greater Glory and may our lives be a praise offering to The God Most High; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

With this I end with one of my favorite verses: “Blessed is everyone who fears the LORD, who walks in His Ways! You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.” Psalms 128:1-2

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