Pray for Christians in Sub Continent

Last year the Christians in India were targeted by Hindu and Islamic cults.
This year, it seems that Pakistan, Bangladesh and the other sub continent nations are having wide spread abuse against Christians including rape and forcible conversions. We need to keep our prayers going for these nations to abide by international law and human rights and protect Christians from these attacks.

It would help if those Islamic nations that do allow Christians to worship freely would speak up against those who use force, terror and violence in every case.
For more information go to and Voice of the Martyrs. And remmember that as long as there are those who use fear, terror and evil to spread their faith, Christians will be persued as enemies. Evil’s father is the Devil, and those who use evil to spread their beliefs are tools of Satan not any God that they claim.

Allah is Arabic for Anonia. Anonia is Hebrew for Yahweh, the God of Abraham and all who believe in Him.

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