Prayer Quote for Lent

“The prayer of petition is a part of God’s plan for man. When we say that God answers prayers, we do not mean that prayer caused God to change His mind. God has made the whole world and governs it by His providence. Everything that occurs in the world takes place according to the plan of divine providence. But it is part of God’s plan that certain gifts will be given man only in answer to prayer. We pray, not to change God’s plan, but in order to receive from God those things which He has planned to give us in answer to our prayers.” My Way of Life by Walter Farrell and Martin J Healy

One thought on “Prayer Quote for Lent”

  1. This has been one of those issues that drive a wedge between different christian denominations. If God is sovereign and all-powerful then you can not change His mind – if you can not change His mind, then why do we pray?

    The answer is that we pray, not to change God’s mind, but to change ours. Prayer helps us align our will to God’s will (not the other way around)

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