R.E.S.T. in the Lord Revisited

I wrote that the R.E.S.T. in the Lord meant Reason, Experience, Scripture and Tradition.  These are the ways we know God.  But I thought that perhaps it might also be fitting to add another way that the word REST could be applied to the knowledge of God.

In the acceptance of Christ in our lives we are assured that we have a new type of REST.  We are Reconciled by the blood of Christ, Redeemed and Reclaimed.  We have been Empowered by the Holy Spirit to Evangelize, Embrace and Encourage others in His Name.  We are Sanctified and Saved by the Sacrifice of Jesus to Serve God and Man for His Glory and Honor.  And we have Trust  in the  Old and New Testaments  and the Testimonies of the faithful.

I would like to add a favorite word that my eye doctor gave me; F.R.O.G.,  Forever Relying On God.  And I hope you are doing that as much as I am.

2 thoughts on “R.E.S.T. in the Lord Revisited”

  1. I like the new, expanded R.E.S.T. It avoids the danger of soundbites that most acronyms have. It also is a more clear image of what God tells us without using “loaded words” That is; Reason, Experience and Tradition are often hotly debated as to whether they are fitting and good for the Christian. This new R.E.S.T. doesn’t have that problem.

  2. My orginal acronym is based on the understandings of Thomas Aquines and my own walk to know God.They are still valid and true. The new expanded version is just an extention of the first as a celationship with Christ. Having done the first, rhe second is realized. The first is cold and factual, the second is warm and emotional. Both are true to God’s will.

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