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I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, but as I reached adulthood I was torn by the knowledge that throughout history, christians constantly warred against each other. Because of this I felt that Jesus had failed in His call and therefore could not be the savior that we sought.

It took me sixteen years and much soul searching to finally come to the understanding that Jesus did not fail, we did. We are still failing today. We still condemn and reject Christians that do not see the scriptures as we do, and the ones who do the most condemning are those who speak from the pulpits and stages of our churches.

It is my contention that God has called me to be a voice against this. When I searched for the true God, it was not a church or a dogma that brought me an understanding of God, but Christ working though my life. When I accepted that Jesus was the answer that I had sought, I then searched for a church to fellowship with. I started with the church I had left, Roman Catholic but did not stay. I tried Calvinist, but also was not in agreement with them in many areas. Next it was Baptist, then Methodist and here was where my personal relationship with Christ took fruit. Yet I was not complete by any means. So I explored Pentecostalism and non denominational teachings.

From each of these Christian backgrounds, I gleamed knowledge. From each understanding, I grew in my faith, trust and most importantly, my Love in Jesus. Although I will never say that I am completed, I am well onto my way of perfected Love.

I lean heavily on Holiness Sanctification but still hold onto teaching from Calvin, Fox and other reformers. I read many pre-reformation works of the early Church and am influenced by Thomas a’Kempis, Augustine, Francis and many others. From all this I see the work of God. Most of all, I have Heard God calling me to reconcile those who Love Him to quit the infighting. His words to me were: “Stop My children from hurting each other for they are hurting Me!”

There may never be a “One Church” because as each child is different from its siblings we will always have different personalities. What we are is “One Family” under Christ God. My mission then is to help all those who know that Jesus is God and have accepted that They are chosen to Love, Serve and Obey God in all aspects of their lives, respect all others who also believe. Is this to much to ask?

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