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Pray for Christians in Sub Continent

Last year the Christians in India were targeted by Hindu and Islamic cults.
This year, it seems that Pakistan, Bangladesh and the other sub continent nations are having wide spread abuse against Christians including rape and forcible conversions. We need to keep our prayers going for these nations to abide by international law and human rights and protect Christians from these attacks.

It would help if those Islamic nations that do allow Christians to worship freely would speak up against those who use force, terror and violence in every case.
For more information go to persecution.org and Voice of the Martyrs. And remmember that as long as there are those who use fear, terror and evil to spread their faith, Christians will be persued as enemies. Evil’s father is the Devil, and those who use evil to spread their beliefs are tools of Satan not any God that they claim.

Allah is Arabic for Anonia. Anonia is Hebrew for Yahweh, the God of Abraham and all who believe in Him.

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Prepare For More Persucutions in the World Today

As we sit at our computers and complain that we are going through “hard times”. suffering from the effects of the recession, the possibility of job loss (if we haven’t lost our job already), and the high cost of food and gas, in reality we are just a bunch of whiners. Still here in America we are the most blessed with the fortunes of low costs in comparison to other nations and we still have more food per capita than any other country in the world. We more importantly have a freedom of religion that is still the bench mark for the rest of the world. Even as we complain about the secular and anti god movement to restrict public displays of our faith, we still enjoy the right to worship were and how we please.

The real struggle is there are places with no food all, no jobs, no future. And because the “rich” nations are held synonymous with “The West” and the West is “Christian”, and add to the fact that most Christian Churches do not run around armed to the teeth, Christians have become targets of their poverty and suffering. Churches, schools , orphanages and health clinics are targets of their frustration. While we sit in our comfortable homes watching wide screen PPV in HD with surround sound, while we drive our SUVs to the mall to buy the latest IPODs, blackberries and Blu Ray discs, poor hungry people are being led to believe that it is the fault of greedy Christians that live decadent lives. They have nothing and because “Christians” want to change the way they have lived for hundreds of years, change is for the worst and to them, disaster. they are being told that “Christians” want to keep them impoverished and enslaved.