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Call to Prayer: As the World Turns Against Us.

I added this new category because many needs have been sent to me lately. Many are mission concerns but some are for friends and neighbors. Every week I will update these and sometimes I will make special requests. I hope that you will respond to them reverently.

Sandul Bibi – in prison for her beliefs for the last nine months. (Asia)
“Hzkias” (name changed for security reasons) – in prison for his faith five months. (Eritrea)
Christians in Bahmani – under attack by Muslim radicals. (Punjab, India)
Karen children under attack by Burmese Militia crossing over into Thailand. (Asia)
Sheryl – denied unemployment insurance, unable to find employment for five months.
Mary – living alone and has been hospitalized three times this year.
Joyce – diabetic with total kidney failure, not a candidate for organ transplant.
Huria Kristn Batak Protestant Church – Construction halted by local forum. (Jakarta, Indonesia)
Kids Alive – rescuing young girls (ages 10-12) from forced marriages. (Kenya)