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Persecutions continue in India, Turkey and Now England

It is now evident that in the “Free World” Christians are being attacked for their beliefs and their rights, property, and livelihoods are threatened. But it was a shock that a nurse was suspended for offering to pray for a client and now a professional foster parent has been denied to care for children because a sixteen year old girl chose to convert from Islam to Christianity and be baptized. These events did not happen in China or Iran but is England.

As Turkish Christians (Assyrians) lose property and many fled to Germany, as Indian Catholics and YWAM missions are under attack in India, as Former Soviet Nations create law restricting Faith Based organizations from having bible studies, we must be on a constant prayer vigil to preserve the rights, freedoms and dignity to worship where and how we chose.

It must be remembered that this is how it began in Nazi Germany with the Jews. As we face more opposition from the secular and anti Christians efforts, we must raise up and declare that the belief in a Supreme God is not to be passive but active. Here in the United States of America, we have been fighting secularism and restrictions of Faith because of a “Separation of Church and State” ideal that was designed to prevent a official religion. It has been perverted into becoming a government against religion.

In what ever Nation you live in, you have the God given right to Believe in Him. Man’s law has no authority to deny you that right. If we end up having to worship God in our closets, cellars and caves, as did the early Christians in Rome, we will do it again. But until that day comes, protest the ungodliness of men who deny us our God.

Feb 15: Update: I have been following the upswing of religious suppression in England as of late. First, a nurse was suspended for offering to pray for a client, then a foster parent was removed because a child in her care desided to change religions (from Islam to Christian) and now I read that a parent was threatened with dismissal from a school because her daughter talked with another child about Jesus and heaven and the mother asked her freinds to pray for her, the school and the church on line. This is England, the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the Magna Carta.

PRAY FOR THE CHRISTIANS IN ENGLAND! Pray for all Christians in the “Free World” that they may continue to worship as the desire and that Freedom of religion does not turn into the freedom from religion.

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