Taliban: The New Nazi

The more I read about the inhuman treatment the Taliban inflicts on the people, the more I realize that it is no better than the Nazi regime that plagued Europe last century.

I can equate them with the terror, intolerance and pure evil that can only represent Satan. While I do not believe that Islam is the path to Salvation, the Taliban is a freeway to Hell. What we must realize is that MOST Muslims are not violent, the Taliban does not represent the majority of them. The Taliban and Al Qaeda are evil representatives of a religion and are not to be considered Islamic any more than Aryans are to be thought of as Christian.

The problem now is that we are not separating them from the majority of Muslims and while we do not agree with the Islamic faith, we are to be tolerant, just as we are of other faiths of the world. We are to pray for them as we would any one who has not come to know Christ. Jesus told us to love one another and to love our enemies.

The Nations of the World must come together to put a stop to the radical and evil influence that these barbarians and thugs have placed on the innocent people of the Islamic world. Most have embraced the Taliban because they fear for their lives, not because they believe their lies. Pray for their protection and for the steadfast faith of the Christians that are trapped in their clutches.

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