The Things I am Praying for Today

The Spirit of God has not led me to write on any scriptures lately but He is leaning my heat toward the many crises in the world and the persecutions of people of Faith. What I ask for at this time is aid in praying for some of the things that weigh heavy on my heart.

1. Children in persecuted countries.
2. Protections for Christians in Islamic Nations.
3. Restored health in my family and in those who are dear to my heart.
4. God’s direction in my studies and the increase of Understanding of His Word.
5. Peace among the Believers of Christ’s Teachings, Mercy and Love.
6. The Message of the Wholeness of Christ to be shared through all Churches and Denominations of Jesus.

As we are all called to witness Christ through our Love of each other and in are testimony of our Faith in Christ, we are to share friendship one to another and to show compassion to those who fer or hate us so that they can only see God’s Love through us. Each day I read from the many web sites of the turmoil of Christians in the world, in nations that fear and hate Christians and from those who live in “Friendly” nations. It grieves me to know that while I live in comfort and the safety of a free nation many who seek the peace of
Christ live in fear. God has place a heart of compassion in me to pray for the hearts of our “enemies” because Christ wants to be a Friend to all.

But to be effective in my prayers, I must seek to understand their hate and fear of Christ. To best serve the Word of God,i must strive to grasp the fullness of His Love and the Mercy of the Blood. And because I am not a young man with a long health live ahead of me, I still must deal with the frailty of age. My health is not the best and my wife is suffering from two health issues (not life threatening, but burdensome). My daughter, Sheryl, has been out of work for several months and has no medical issuance and has needs that can not be treated because she can not receive medical attention. My son and his wife must move because of finances and want to help her family with expenses. So I ask for prayers for all of them as well as for my
wife, Colleen and myself.

And as always, I ask that there be peace among the Faithful. The Wholeness of Christ Message is that all who live for Christ be able to live with each other. The Harmony of the Gospel is that we are all called to love one another as Christ Loves us. Because of the Forgiveness of Christ, I can forgive and accept all who have attacked me in the past and I can continue to share the Good News that all who believe in their hearts that Jesus is Lord of All, one with the Father in Heaven and co resides with the Holy Spirit within our hearts, are my brothers and sisters in Faith. Continue to pray for a Unity of Spirit between the many walks of Faith that call themselves of Christ.

Each day, I take a “walk with God” to exercise of body and to pray for His Will in my day. I ask of you to join me in Spirit and add my concerns to your prayers. Thank you in His Name, Paul Shiras.

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