Two Questions That Have Always Bothered Me

I came to believe in Christianity the hard way. I rejected all teaching from my youth and searched the Bible and History for answers to all my questions. But two things have never quite been settled for me and I will question again and again until it is completely answered.

The first is: Why do we insist on calling it Easter? It is the Day of the Resurrection and the Sunday after the Passover in all aspects of Christendom, yet the English speaking people want to call it Easter. And as a result we take Christ out of it and put in all kinds of myths, secular traditions and party time attitude rather than Worship the Risen God in Awe and Wonder. It is a time to dress up, feast a lot and play silly games of hide and seek for colored eggs.

The second is: When did Christians stop believing in the Fullness of Christ in Holy Communion? I know that the vast majority of protestants do not believe in the Transformation of the elements into the Body and Blood of Christ yet until the separation of the Church of England from the Roman Catholic Church, all Christians the world over believed that the words of Jesus, “This is My Body,” and “This is My Blood,” where actual fact and not metaphoric.

I suggest that everybody read these three texts from the New Testament and study them:
1: John 6:35-59
2: Mark 14:22-25, Matthew 26:26-29
3: 1 Cor 10:15-18

Because I have believed that the Blood and Body of Christ was shed for me I beleive that the Sadar Feast shared by Jesus with His disciples was in fact the sharing of the sacrifice offered for Man’s sins. And because He said that we were to do likewise in remembrance of Him, we are sharing in the sacrifice of Jesus every time we take communion.

Now I believe that most of the protestants do not accept this and reject it outright but I stand in my Faith that if the early Church believed it for over a thousand years, it probably is the correct way to beleive. Just because John Calvin didn’t beleive it doesn’t make him right and the Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Coptic, Celtic Catholics and Chaldean Christians wrong. After all, combined they represent a vast majority of Christians.

Yet I will allow that I might be wrong, although I doubt it because of the blessing I get from taking Communion with like minded people. And I allow that you may not be able to accept my understanding and that is alright. To you who celebrate communion as a memorial, continue to do so. God will still bless you and call you His Own. Just don’t reject the rest of us who take it as “Gospel” that what Jesus said, He meant. And may you be blessed this Resurrection Sunday and may the Redemption of Christ remain in you always into the Eternal Salvation of His Death.

2 thoughts on “Two Questions That Have Always Bothered Me”

  1. What make you think that Transubstination is an error? I personally believe that Martin Luther was closer with Consubstantiation. I believe Calvin and Edwards are the ones who are in error. Scripture, Tradition and History lean toward early Church beliefs rather than modern beliefs.

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