Unintentional Sin and the Sin of Silence

As I continue in my search for Christian understanding through Leviticus, chapter four tells us about the unintentional sin. We are still accountable for the sins we commit even when we did not intend to sin or when we were unaware that what we do is a sin. Just because we have come to Christ and our sins are forgiven, we are not completely off the hook.

As we are to live holy and blameless, we must confess, repent and recant our sins, even when we did not intend to sin. Our flesh and our minds are weak, we will always sin. In the Old Testament, the sacrifice for intentional sin was the same as the sacrifice for deliberate sin. No matter how you cut it, sin is still sin.

What I found interesting was the fact the the leaders of the church were required to sacrifice bull as a guilt offering for the whole congregation. He brought guilt to the whole community. It was as if the whole church sinned with him. I have seen churches close down and scatter because of the sin of a pastor. And if a church has sinned (as with a misleading teaching) they must also sacrifice a bull as soon as they learn that they have sinned. Yet if one of the congregation sins unintentionally, he is required to bring a female goat or if he has no goat, an ewe.

I do not understand why the difference of sacrifice unless it was to show that the leaders of the community and the Church were held to a higher degree of responsibility.

What I had missed over the years of reading and studying the Word was that Leviticus places the sin of not speaking up at an injustice the same as touching the unclean. This is an eye opener for me. James told us that omitting to do a good thing or remaining quiet was a sin but I never knew that it was from the voice of God to Moses the same thing. How could I have missed this?

It also makes making a rash promise or oath (promising something that can’t be done) as a sin was also something that I found interesting. Well maybe it is as the word of God says, an iniquity and we should be aware of what we say and don’t say at all times. The understanding given to the people of God was that these actions made them unclean, it made them spiritual lepers.

What I hear here is that we are called to speak out against social injustice, to guard that what we promise, we can do and to examine the purpose and motives of all we undertake. What I must do in my walk today is speak with God through prayer and thanksgiving to be assured that my motives are within His will and Purpose.

What I am grateful for is that prior to this sacrifice for our sins, God told Moses to make a peace offering, a fellowship offering to celebrate that God loves His People. This offering the priest were to share with the giver of the offering. Thus I see that Jesus made for us a peace offering, He shared his body with us through the Last Supper offering when He said, “This is My Body…This is My Blood.”

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