What Are You Doing For The New Year?

Have you made your choices of what you are going to do to make a difference this year? I hope that it is more than just the usual diet and exercise promises that most make.

This year I resolve to pay more attention to the persecutions against Christians around the world, to pray for them and to inform my friends of the trials that Christians must face around the world. I resolve to learn more of the Law of God’s Love and to Love it. I resolve to support the efforts of the churches around the world to freely express the Word of God and to share this effort with others.

Now it is your turn, what are you going to do to share the Word of God and how are you going to improve your Christian Walk? There are many thing that we can each do. One of them is to study how the Early Christians dealt with the Roman persecutions and the invasions of the barbarians form the North. Another is to join in study and action groups that will make a change in the community you live in. Join in efforts that will make a difference in you home, neighborhood, city and Nation.

And not all things that you do are restricted to “church”. You can make a difference in how you deal with customers and clerks in the stores. You can resolve to treat your co-workers as family instead of contenders for promotions. You can tip a little more in the restaurants when you eat out because times are harder now and fewer people are eating out. (waitresses are losing income and are still being taxed on what they would normally earn). Go though your closets and take out things you seldom or never use and donate them to a thrift store or church pantry. When you go to the market, buy a little extra for someone else. When you think of someone, call them and let them know. They may be needing someone to talk to right then. You never know what God has in plan for you.

This year, here in America and in many places around the world, we are facing a hard year. Many more people are out of work. Many have lost their homes because of bad business choices (some through no fault of their own). Charities have lost funds because of crooks in the investment world and they trusted the wrong people. While I live on a fixed income, I can afford to give a little more this year, so I will put a little more aside each month just to help somebody else.

So I ask again What are you going to do this year that will express your Love of God and your fellow man? What do resolve to do that will express Christ? “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…And from His fullness we have all received grace upon grace.” John 1:14,16. Share the fullness of Christ and His Grace by reflecting His Grace on others.

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