When Should We Stop Supporting The Enemies of Christ

Pakistan Secret service supplies Taliban.
Afghanistan want to execute Christian converts.
Egypt allows forced conversions to Islam by rape and torture.
Israel uses white phosphorus on Muslim and Christians in Gaza.
India continues to free the masterminds of 2009 riots against Christian diats.

The government of the United States of America still finds it right and just to continue to support these nations that have little regard for the well being of Christian minorities. I don’t lay the blame on the Administration but on the continued policies of the last forty years of the rule of the Industrial Military Complex that Eisenhower warned us of while he was president. We are so entrenched in the fears of the “Cold War” mentality that it has clouded our Christian sensibilities. While I do support the need of a strong defense, our constant assertions that the world is against us is precisely because of our arrogance, intrusions and the “need to wave the big guns at everybody and at the same time call them friends.

We sold our souls to the Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Global corporations. We have become a nation that sells out our fellow man because of the “new god”, money. Because we have become dependant on the Chinese trade, Arab oil and the International Banks, we walk in fear of everyone. We support Dictators and Despots. We buy fuel from companies that supply and train racketeer militias in Burma. The Christian principles that this nation was founded on have been lost to the “best interests” of worldly concerns. It is well past time to condemn the actions of those countries that seem fit to attack our Faith, our LORD and our spiritual freedom.

When nations deem it right and even sacred to kill our brothers and sisters in Christ, then we as a nation should condemn them instead of supplying them with the means to continue atrocities against God. We have boycotted North Korea but continue to support the terrorist regime of Burma. We condemn Palestine and Iran yet continue to support Iraq, Pakistan and Egypt who have killed more Christians or supported genocide against free people within their own borders.


God has commanded us to live with peace and to condemn those who seek war. We are to brush the dust from our sandals from those who reject His teachings, His Salvation and His Mercy. As a nation “under God”, we should open our doors to all people who suffer persecution in their homelands and offer up our homes, schools and freedoms to them. We should not continue to support the governments that defile God’s Word. Our troops would be better served if they defended the natural borders of our land rather than the financial institutions and special interests of foreign enterprises.

We would do better to spend more time in churches praying for the well being of our persecuted brethren than singing praises to God that we are blessed because we are not like them. The next time you look at your daughters, think of the Egyptian Christians girls forced into marriage against their will by Islamic radicals at the age of twelve. Think of the small Christian Children forced to work as slaves in Islamic household to pay off falsified debts in Pakistan. When you get out of your warm beds in the morning, think of the families of the Karen Christians of Burma and the Diat Indians who were burned out of their homes by Buddhist and Hindu radicals while the government stood by and did nothing. And add to this the fact that in Mexico, local government have the right to expel from thier comunities Chirstians because the local leaders are pagans.

As long as this nationcontinues to support, evil or uncaring governments throughout the world, we are slaves to the same sins. We can not serve God and the Devil at the same time. We must stand up for Christ! We must comdemn the corperations, political leaders and businesses that keep us in bongage to evilness.

Heed the words of peter, “Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human instution. …” (1Peter 2:13) Be subject to the fact that this nation is ruled by the voice of the people and as such, in condoning the actions of evil, we are not being subject for the Lord’s sake. In supporting persecution, we are ourselves subject to God’s wrath.

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