Why I have been Silent..When God Stops Sharing

I have been quiet on the blog for some time know because it has been a time to search my life and find new paths to walk. I have been very busy on Face-book sharing with friends and praying for the workers of faith in many lands. God’s voice, His spirit has been still in me because now it is a time to reflect, renew and reveal His wisdom one-on-one.

Sometimes we have to step back from ourselves and realize that it is the Lord who directs us and not to assume that we have answers and solutions of our own making. that has been what is happening tome.

1 Corinthians 14:1-2 says; “Pursue love, and earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy, for one who speaks in a tongue speaks no to man but to God; for no one understands him, bu the gutters mysteries in the Spirit.” For several months know, I have not had the language of
Spirit Prayer and feel empty. But because, like Mother Teresa, I feel a “darkness”, a lack of Light, I have been unwilling to post anything that others might read for fear that I may utter falseness before God.

A true Prophet speaks the Word of God and the intent of the Holy Spirit. His or Her message is a word given to God to be understood in agreement with the Testimony of the Holy Word. If I can not speak in this manner, I do not speak at all. For a long while, several years in fact, I hear the Truth of the Word and shared it with many. Most rejected what I spoke because if interfere with the teaching of man regarding Scriptures. But for the last year, I have not received any understandings that are helpful to me or others. god has placed me in a quiet spot that I may feel Love through others, that I may find comfort in what others share and that I may see His Ever Presence in the people who choose to serve His Love and Mercy.

I will continue to serve him in Holiness and in Wholeness. but I am thinking that I need to bring others in to this mission whose Light shine bright and who share the Vision of Wholeness with me.

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